Community Development

In Thailand, we are partnering with a well-establish Thai non-profit organization, Education for Development Foundation (EDF), on an integrated development program which aims to build larger, more sustainable solutions for education and community development. The program provides scholarships to students most in need, improves school facilities, which also serve as community centers outside school hours, and offers long-term skills and capabilities training for students and the communities. Since 2013, the program has benefitted over 25,000 students, teachers and community members in the Songkhla and more recently been extended into the Prachuap Kirikhan areas.

“I love this project because it encourages schools to think for themselves, not just telling them what to do; it is different from other funders. The project shows a company that cares for other communities besides their direct stakeholders. It is not a company just giving money.”

Vinij Gunpairor, deputy director of primary education service area, Songkhla

In addition in Thailand, we have funded career development and skills training for fishermen’s wives and support primary health care education and training in coastal communities since 2014. 

In Indonesia, since 2014, we have funded more than 20 fish aggregating devices (FAD) and most recently also fishing lighting technology supporting fishermen from Majene, West Sulawesi to increase their economic income.