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  • Headshot-Dr-Bakheet-Al-Katheeri

    Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri is the Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Petroleum. Prior to his appointment in March 2017, he held the positions of...

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  • Headshot-Mazin-Al-Lamki

    Mazin Al Lamki

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mazin has over 19 years of global experience in diverse technical, managerial and operational roles in the oil and gas industry ...

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  • Headshot-Masroor-Al-Jilani

    Masroor Al Jilani

    Chief Financial Officer

    Masroor was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Mubadala Petroleum in June 2017. Prior this, he held various CFO positions; at Mubadala’s Technology ...

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  • Headshot-Mansoor-Mohamed-Al-Hamed

    Mansoor Mohamed Al Hamed

    Head of New Business Development

    Mansoor Al Hamed is responsible for all New Business Development in Mubadala Petroleum. He has over 10 years of experience in commercial, managerial roles ...

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  • Headshot-Inderpal-Singh

    Inderpal Singh

    Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

    Inderpal joined Mubadala Petroleum in 2006. He is responsible for identifying and capturing new opportunities aimed at profitably expanding ...

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  • Headshot-Naser-Al-Hajri_v1

    Naser Al Hajri

    Senior Vice President, Operations, Southeast Asia

    aser Al Hajri is responsible for managing Mubadala Petroleum’s operated and non-operated businesses in Southeast Asia. He brings ...

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  • Headshot-Diego-Felix

    Diego Felix

    General Counsel

    Diego Felix is the General Counsel at Mubadala Petroleum; he joined the company in 2012 as Legal Counsel, he was promoted later to Senior Legal ...

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